Swim Workshop: 10 lessen crawl-techniek

De Swim Workshop is voor elke triatleet, open water zwemmer of recreatieve zwemmer die zijn vrije slag wenst te verbeteren. De pure techniek cursus is een ideale starter van je off season periode ! We werken met kleine groepen (maximaal 8 zwemmers) om zo voldoende…

12-weken programma: halve marathon van Brugge of Valencia

Met hun 12-weken programma stomen Luc Van Lierde en Geert Lammertyn je klaar voor de halve marathon van Valencia op 27 oktober 2019 of halve marathon van Brugge op 20 oktober 2019! Aanbod pakket halve marathon 12-weken trainingsschemaWekelijkse core stability training op woensdag van 18:30 tot…
Wolfgang Unsöld (YPSI)


On October 26 and 27, 2019, Wolfgang Unsöld is coming back to Q-life in Belgium to teach two courses: YPSI Functional Nutrition on Continous Glucose Monitoring & YPSI Nutrition Mastermind Day
Kopie van Foods that Boost Neurotransmitter Dopamine

HIIT and Endurance Performance

We hear lots about high intensity interval training these days, but one of the most fascinating things about HIIT is its ability to help athletes improve their performance in endurance events. . HIIT and Endurance Performance Let’s start by looking at traditional endurance training, which increases the…


According to Wikipedia a drug is any substance (other than food that provides nutrtional support ) that causes a temporary physiological change in the body.

Why you should drink more water

Drink water when you first get up Imagine starting your car in sub-zero temperatures and putting it into gear without waiting for the engine to warm up. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. The same is true for the human body. Without water to wake…


IMPROVE KNEE STABILITY The hamstrings ( Back of the thighs) and vastus medialis (VMO) are Two muscles that are critical to knee stability A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!