Getting Back to Running After a Long Break!?


Join a Running Group
If you’ve typically run alone in the past, try to increase your motivation (and get lots of other great benefits) by running with others.

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Follow a Training Schedule
Although runners have previous running experience, many runners who’ve taken a long break from running find it helpful to follow a beginner schedule.

Strenght Training
Strenght & Conditioning in between your running days is an excellent way to increase your endurance and strength without running too much and risking injury.

Avoid Doing Too Much Too Soon
Many runners coming back from injuries find themselves re-injured because they increase their mileage too quickly.

Create a Running Habit
After a long break from running, it can be tough to get back into the groove of running on a regular basis. But if you take steps to establish a running habit, such as scheduling your runs on your calendar and giving yourself small rewards, you can make a running habit stick.

Pick a Short Race
Once you’ve got a few weeks of running under your belt, pick a race to train for. Start with something small, such as a 5K, before you register for a longer race.