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Waarom een powernap voor een duursport atleet goed is.

Naps reduceren training stress.

Ze geven je creativiteit een boost, ondersteunen je geheugen, verhogen je seks drive en houden je jonger. Enkele van de meest historische figuren als Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill,Leonardo da Vinci,John F. Kennedy,Sir Isaac Newton,waren grote fan van Power Nap.

Vele sporters, topsporters, zakenmensen van deze tijd plannen powernap in desondanks de drukte van onze maatschappij. Power Naps zijn een skill,… in het begin kan het moeilijk zijn om je te dissociëren van het moment van de dag om volledige tot rust te komen..

Relax, alles vraagt oefening lukt dit niet onmiddellijk kan je je ademhalingsritme naar een tempo van 4 tellen bij de in ademhaling 2 tellen aanhouden en 6 tellen bij de uitademhaling brengen.. Dit tempo van ademhaling zal je sneller in het parasympatisch systeem brengen (rest digest). Waardoor je vlotter tot innerlijke rust kan komen. Je moet het zien als een snelle chargering van je hersenen en lichaam wat je zal in staat stellen om de Power Nap te verlaten met meer focus en vitaliteit.

Het uiteindelijke doel is om van lichte tot REM-slaap te gaan in enkel dertig minuten. Je lichaam verlaten en het gevoel geven dat je juist acht uur horizontaal gelegen hebt. Indien je bij je eerste powernap merkt dat je pas na enkele uren terug bijkomt moet dringend je nachtrust wat verlengen of de kwaliteit ervan bewaken.

Veel fun met het oefenen en is echt niet dat je dit dagelijks moet toepassen maar geef het bij momenten een prioriteit.

Ben je geïnteresseerd in persoonlijke coaching om jouw doelen te helpen verwezenlijken? Contacteer me en we stippelen een traject op maat uit!


5 daagse triatlon stage in Spanje

Altijd al gedroomd van een fietsvakantie onder de Spaanse zon? Met GLC maken we je droom werkelijkheid! Het Spaanse vasteland is al jaar en dag een vaste waarde voor sportieve fietsvakanties.




The hamstrings ( Back of the thighs) and vastus medialis (VMO) are Two muscles that are critical to knee stability

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Toe rek

Why Big Toe Mobility is Important!?

Why Big Toe Mobility is Important!?

When you think of the most common lower body injuries, you think ankle sprains, shin splints, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis.

When you have these injuries, you treat the injured area. We might be overlooking a little, but big deal. Dysfunction in the big toe influences every step you take, every lunge, every jump, and every stride of every run. Ultimately, it can be a direct result in many of the aforementioned common lower body injuries. If you have dysfunction (pain, instability, or hypomobility) at the first big toe joint (MTP joint), it could wreak havoc on the entire kinetic chain.

Normal range of motion of the big toe is 40° flexion, 80-90° extension, and 10-20° abduction and adduction. Lack of motion, especially extension, will create compensatory movement at other joints. Common big toe issues such as, hallux valgus (bunion), hallux rigidus, turf toe, sesamoiditis, and gout will limit toe mobility. Here you can see a image of a athlete who demonstrates normal range or motion and limited toe extension.

Start Mobilizing some big toe extension. It’s more important than most people think!
Spend time barefoot, wear footwear that lets your big toe extend and if stiff and restricted, start working on restoring the mobility.

This wall stretch is a great one to do daily. 


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Getting Back to Running After a Long Break!?

Getting Back to Running After a Long Break!?


Join a Running Group
If you’ve typically run alone in the past, try to increase your motivation (and get lots of other great benefits) by running with others.

Join us every Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:00 Q-Life Personal Training

Follow a Training Schedule
Although runners have previous running experience, many runners who’ve taken a long break from running find it helpful to follow a beginner schedule.

Strenght Training
Strenght & Conditioning in between your running days is an excellent way to increase your endurance and strength without running too much and risking injury.

Avoid Doing Too Much Too Soon
Many runners coming back from injuries find themselves re-injured because they increase their mileage too quickly.

Create a Running Habit
After a long break from running, it can be tough to get back into the groove of running on a regular basis. But if you take steps to establish a running habit, such as scheduling your runs on your calendar and giving yourself small rewards, you can make a running habit stick.

Pick a Short Race
Once you’ve got a few weeks of running under your belt, pick a race to train for. Start with something small, such as a 5K, before you register for a longer race.


Chronic Stress & Pain Sensitivity

Chronic Stress & Pain Sensitivity

Stressful events are inevitable in daily Life, and overcoming is inherent to succes. Altough it may not be realistic to live and work in a wold free of stressors, humans have the capacity to control what they perceive as stressful an how they respond to it.

However, when stress is present for sustained periods, the body may secrete less cortisol and/or become less sensitive to its effects leading to widespread inflammation and pain.

Low cortisol levels ( hypocortisolism) have been observed in patients with different stress-related disorders such as chronic fatique syndrome, fibromyalgie, and post- traumatic stress disorder.

So when you suffer from chronic pain or fatique be sure you spend Some time investigating how stress may be influencing your overall health together with good sleep an nutrition.

So when you suffer from chronic pain or fatique be sure you spend Some time investigating how stress may be influencing your overall health together with good sleep an nutrition.

Hannibal KE and Bishop MD. Chronic Stress, cortisol Dysfuntion, and pain: A Psychoneuroendocrine Rationale for stress Management in Pain Rehabilitation



The importance of body composition measurement for athletes and non-athletes

The body composition is a factor contributing to sport performance.

Assessment of body composition is an important component of the ongoing monitoring of athletes interested to improve their performance.

There are several approaches to body composition assessment. Underwater weighing and DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) are the only body fat testing methods that have been scientifically validated and thus, are considered the “gold standard”, but they are expensive and impractical for most people.

In sports practice, assessment of body composition is based on skinfold test.The skinfold method of measuring body fat is practical, economical, accurate and non-invasive. Results come close to underwater weighing and DEXA, but the technique requires much practice to obtain accurate results.

Optimal health body fat in adults non-athletes is 12-18% for men and 16-25% for women.

The body fat percent for elite athletes varies largely by sports: 6-13% (19% throwers and harder categories) for men and 12-19% for women.

Changes in athletes body weight and body composition are correlated to state of training, training level and caloric intake

Several studies have suggested that percent body fat is inversely related to maximal aerobic capacity and to distance running performance and lean body mass seems to be positively related to performance in sports where the ability to generate maximal aerobic capacity is required.

In most sports the athlete will try to keep his/ her levels of body fat to a minimum. Assessment weight and body composition give us useful information for athletes training and nutrition.

The way to reduce properly is through exercise combined with a proper well-balanced diet (in any case by starvation) and by monitoring periodically body composition (body fat percentage)


Why Blood Lactate Test?

Knowing your threshold Running pace is valuable for a many reasons:

  • It indicates your current Running fitness
  • It can be use to create pace-based training zones
  • Overtraining prevention
  • Test results can be used to predict your time or pace to other races

What is threshold Running pace?

It simply refers to your current best average-pace for 60 minute race

Who is it for?

Every Athlete who is doing 2-3 Running or Biking sessions a week can have huge benefits with Knowing there threshold.

A lot of Athletes are training to hard each time they go out,… training with progression as a goal and having responsible feeling when training is the biggest Challenge.

For this knowledge about lactate testing I work together wit former Ironman wold champion Luc Van Lierde.



The basics to help you mantain a Proper Running Form.

How to maintain a proper running form?

  1. Maintain a short, quick stride. Do not try to lengthen your stride; avoid reaching forward with your foot, which can lead to overstriding and will set you up for injury.
  2. Keep your knee in line. Make sure your foot strikes under your knee, not in front of it, which can lead to injury.
  3. Focus on pushing up and off the ground behind you.
  4. Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees or less
  5. Keep hands loose and below your chest. Make sure your hands don’t cross your midline and your hands don’t punch forward, both of which can throw off your gait

When starting a running program, it is also a great time to start working on your weak links most of the time it is working on your Posterior chain such as glutes, lower Back and mobilty issues

And remember, no single running “method” will make you faster or keep you from getting hurt.

Basic training principles

To ensure that, follow these basic training principles:

  • Ramp up slowly. Gradually increase your mileage and the amount of time you spend on your feet.
  • Do strength & Conditioning
  • Sleep and eat well
  • Do active recovery
  • Give yourself plenty of time to recover any time you add distance or speed to your workouts – do Some Yoga
  • Make a good Connection with your body & do a body scan meditation Introduce any changes gradually. If you do change your form, cut back the time you spend working out and the distance you cover to give your body a chance to adjust.