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Geplaatst door Strong Supplies op Donderdag 14 november 2019

I am very proud to announce that I a have a new partnership with Strong Supplies and will work for this innovative company as an Ambassador.

What is Strong Suppllies?

Personalised supplements plan based on your body, goals and sport.

  • Only premium products, backed & researched by experts.
  • In collaboration with pharmacists, sports doctors & professors.
  • Packed per intake moment, we guide you through the day.

Why I am Ambassador for Strong Supplies?

I strongly believe that a varied and balanced diet is the base for every athlete to perform well. Personalized nutritional supplements are an additional asset. They support training, stimulate endurance and optimize performance.

Strong Supplies

So how does it work?

Every person is different, with a different body, specific needs & goals. We are not all the same so why should your supplements be?

Strong Supplies wants to help outperform athletes and sports(wo)men with optimising their supplements, vitamins and protein shakes.

Contact me for more information or go to Use the coupon code GLC10 this will result in a 10% discount!

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