Why use a power meter on your bike?

Why not just heart rate and speed sensor, or feel?

Why not just keep using heart rate, as you’ve been doing for years? You’ve come a long way in the sport by doing so. Or how about just using speed? What you’re after, obviously, is simply to go faster. Let’s take a brief look at why power is better if you want to perform at a higher level.

Match the demands of the race!

This is undoubtedly the most important reason  for using a power meter. The obvious question is “Fit for what?” Every high-performance event, whether it’s a 6-hour Ironman triathlon ride or a 60’-minute cyclocross, demands a specific type of fitness. This comes down to getting the duration and intensity of the key workouts right. Duration is easy but intensity is a different story and raises some very important issues for your training.

Training with the same intensity for both of these events simply won’t work.

Your key workouts must reflect the exact levels of intensity demanded by the event in order for you te become fit for it‼️

With a power meter, you’ll know exactly what the intensity demands of the event are so that you can replicate them in training. Then over the course of a few weeks, you can make your workouts increasingly like the goal event by training at the precise intensities needed. On race day there will be no surprises. Your body will be ready to meet the demands of the event.

I will talk about Pace Steady-State Races” together with using personal “Power Zones” to train effectively in a next post.

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