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Geert Lammertyn Coaching

Former professional athlete Geert Lammertyn is the driving force behind GLC. Geert’s approach is based on a holistic perspective. The combination of the 4 mainstays of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery will provide a true change in your lifestyle.

The approach taken by personal coach Geert is ideal for everyone, from people who are new to sport to professional athletes. Are you looking for a fitness plan that will help you with weight loss? Or are you an experienced endurance athlete who would like to work towards a specific goal with focused sports coaching? You have come to the right place at GLC!

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“It’s never too early or too late to start training for a healthy lifestyle!”

Personal Training

Personal trainer

Are you looking for a fitness plan that will help you with weight loss? Personal coach Geert will work with you towards a new lifestyle. You will systematically build up your condition with a personalised and evolving plan.

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Do you have a specific sport objective in mind? Your online plan from Coachbox allows you to fit in your training wherever and whenever it suits you. Personal coach Geert follows your performance online and provides guidance where necessary.

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Online training

Are you a keen athlete who would like to optimise performance? Bespoke online training plans let you effectively target your ‘weak links’. You can work on strength and stability, fully balance your posture and much more. It’s all possible!

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