“It’s never too early or too late to start training for a healthy lifestyle!”

Do you want to get started with sport, get into condition or are you a keen athlete who wants to work towards a specific goal? Geert is a personal trainer who provides a fitness plan that is tailored to your goals.

He does not limit his holistic approach only to sport. Geert also deals extensively with mindset, nutrition and recovery.

Get started

During the first session I listen to your goals. By carefully screening your movements, I look for your ‘weak links’. Then I carry out a skinfold measurement to determine your hormonal profile.

Finally, you complete a detailed questionnaire. I then thoroughly analyse your results and create a personalised fitness plan.

In the second session we go through your fitness plan together. I teach you the new movements step by step. After 8 training sessions, we adjust your plan. In this way, we build up top condition for your new lifestyle. 

Beyond personal training

We start each training session by discussing your sleeping and eating patterns. In this way, as a personal trainer I am able to take this into account and make your exercises even more relevant to your lifestyle. You will receive plenty of tips on recovery and healthy eating. I stop short at setting a diet, but I will help you to make a permanent change in your eating patterns. 

You can opt for personal training 1, 2 or 3 times per week. The sessions are always held in the studio, but on-site training is possible too. For instance, would you like to run a marathon? Then we will go to the forest for technical running training. I will also be pleased to help you with a swimming or fitness plan.

Personal training also combines perfectly with Coachbox. You receive your training plan so you can train alone and you send me feedback through the system. This means I am still your personal trainer, only at a distance!

Contact us for an approach that is tailored to your goals!